But I shall tell you what is written in the book of truth. No one supports me against these except Michael, your prince. (Daniel 10:21)

Call on non-believers to turn

Call on non-believers to turn

Wednesday, 7 December 2011 @ 04:00
Message 270
My dearest beloved daughter, today I wish to call on all those non-believers and those weak of faith.
In particular I call out to those so submerged in the ways of materialism and those living in a cocoon of riches with no time for their spiritual wellbeing.
You, My children, worry me the most, for you are so far removed from me.
Yet I love you deeply and hope that when The Warning takes place that you will respond to My Call instantly.
How I yearn for you, children, to know me and understand how your worldly possessions have placed a veil of armour, which blocks you from the light of the truth.
It will be for you that the greatest sacrifices of suffering will be made by my victim souls.
Please open your minds and draw towards me, so I can take you and all those close to you with me and the rest of mankind into the New Paradise.
Your beloved Jesus
Redeemer and Saviour of all mankind


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