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Regarding that Fake MDM Message dated 6 May 2015 — 43 Comments

  1. Although i have not as of yet read the message I naturally and supernaturally do agree with remnant clergy. I have a formation in theology and philosophy. I will risk to believe….walk in faith….What other choice do I have? I have known and do know false and true seers and mystics in very personal way. I have learned, after having followed this site for the last few years, to trust in his (remnant clergy’s ) discernment. We are at full war….even against the evil within ourselves. If we don’t walk in humility, truth, and quiet prayer….what will our worth be before Our Lord Jesus who has already suffered so much?

  2. God forgive every single one of you for your ridiculous and disgusting behavior saying that the last message is fake. How dare you? You are just as bad as the anti people who wouldn’t know Jesus if He was standing right in front of them. God forgive all of you but protect the innocent souls you are infesting with your insanity.
    What you are really saying when all the layers of your comments are pulled back is that you are literally accusing Maria of creating a fake Message!!! Pure Disgust is all I can say. Louise Campbell, thank you for speaking God’s Truth.

    “Human reasoning, while important in the role of discernment, plays a very small part in recognising My Word.
    The Love, which My Word sparks in a soul, which is empty of malice and which is pure and humble, will not nor can it be denied. It is through these souls that I grant the gift of being able to recognise Me. These souls, along with the prophet I chose to impart My Word, will have to accept My Cup of suffering.
    I ask you to detach yourselves from the world’s attractions and consecrate yourselves to Me, for this is a very harsh and lonely path when you follow Me.
    When challenged in My Name, or when the voices of My true prophets are ridiculed and declared not to be from God, I say this to you.
    Do not dignify such attacks with a response of any kind. Remain silent in your suffering.”
    From Message Dated December 12, 2012 given to Maria Divine Mercy

    • Please do explain why the supposed message contradicts the dogmas proclaimed in the creeds of the Church. You have not addressed any points within the analysis, only provided insults against the author. Dogmas are Divine Reasoning, and contradicting those is a clear sign of satan. The author of that message is not MDM, but someone else.

      • Jesus clearly has taught us not to judge others, and to love our neighbors. I am saddened by the hate posted on multiple internet sites against Maria Divine Mercy. Nothing in the messages she has translated has been hateful, quite the contrary, they consistently call mankind to PRAYER . Wake up, look around, do you not see the hatred in the world today? Why do you think that is? Our God is a merciful God, but how can he bare to continue watching the evil that is going on in the world today. The killings, lack of respect for human lives, the slaughtering of unborn babies … who cries for them … Jesus, Mary and our Heavenly Father do. God made life, and he is the only one authorized to take life away. Read the bible … nothing in the messages from Maria Divine Mercy contradict what’s in the bible. Lies are being posted, and my prayers go out to MDM and her family. Remember, the high priest condemned Jesus, do you not see history repeating itself here, read the bible. Blessed are those who believe without seeing. Only through prayer will God open our eyes to the truth, not through our own selfish pride and opinions. Any Catholic firm in their faith knows that Satan would NEVER tell you to pray the rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which the messages encouraged mankind to do daily! … the rosary is one of the most powerful tools against satan, along with Holy Communion, the Mass, Reconciliation and the Bible. These are gifts from Heaven, weapons to use against satan our Goliath. No false prophet would encourage praying the rosary … anybody can figure that out. Pray, pray, pray …. Whether you believe in the messages or not, prayer is the ONLY answer! Blessed are those who recognize the voice of Jesus in their hearts and may God be with MDM and her family!

        • Thank you so much who wrote this about defending Maria of Divine Mercy I hundred percent agree with you. These messages are from God the Father Christ and the Blessed Mother there is nothing harmful about these messages she clearly states about praying the rosary and praying the Chaplet. God help this world





  7. correct, weather the messages are real or fake, there is n o t h I n g contrary to our churchs teaching and they are absolutely inspiring! does not matter to me….. I pray and believe because they are believable….

    • All official MDM messages dated from 2010 through March 2015 are genuine and worthy of belief. Only this last purported “message” should be rejected.

  8. i have read many comments and arguments regarding this last MDM message dated May 6, 2105, my purpose is not to determine who is right or wrong, but to give my point of view regarding this matter. RC made his analysis on this message based on dogmas of the Catholic church, which he believes is true base on his experience and comparison to the previous messages of MDM. What is wrong with that? i’m not depending RC, but it is just an opinion, it is up to the reader if they will believe it or not? Even Jesus cannot force us to believe in HIm. If the analysis of RC is against the Holy will of God, then he will be responsible for his actions. I believe that the TRUE WORD OF GOD does not need to defend, for it will stand by it’s own. I have also noticed that some comments defending the last message of MDM were full of hatred and insults to the one who only gives his opinion (RC), WHY? Does hatred and insults comes from our Lord Jesus Christ? Does Jesus told us to have a debate with the unbelievers in defending the Word of God? I don’t think so! If RC makes this analysis deliberately to destroy this last MDM message, then he is the only one responsible for it, only Jesus can judge him. There is nothing good comes from this arguments only division and destruction for the faithful. All we have to do is PRAY!

  9. Listen People– I have been blessed with the gift of discerning spirits, from the Holy Spirit. this message of May 6, 2015 is FROM OUR BLESSED LORD JESUS CHRIST ! I NEVER HAD A DOUBT ABOUT IT ! JESUS promised HE would speak again through His last prophet, and Jesus never breaks a promise. Go to: [ed note: other sites deleted] holylove.org garabandal.us christinagallagher.org mej.com rosamystica.us God be with you

  10. We only need to pray and trust in Jesus, he is the only way, the truth and the life! Through prayer, you will know who is for him and who is against him. He is our Shepard, he will lead us … but prayer is the only answer 🙂 I recommend praying the litany and crusade prayers from MDM … great things will happen when it is God’s time 🙂 May God Bless everyone and may the love of Jesus and Mary shine down upon all of humanity!

  11. The official german translator received this last message officially, directly from MDM, through the usual channel.

    Move on, nothing fake, all is good (the Lord promised to not allow compromising of His holy messages, so don’t worry, even in future).

  12. Just to help you see in a simple yet clear way of the error. By you denying this message from MDM as fake is due to pride. I will point out something to show you your error. You point out the Grammar issue as being the first thing you notify as wrong,by using “for” twice. What will you say of the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer?? NOTE It has “and” used twice.

    (Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.)

    • The first thing is pointed out only because the flow of the text has that first. Nothing more. Can you not see the grouping of the Divine Mercy chaplet? Body and Blood – physical? Soul and Divinity – spirit?

      • “Whoever is without love does not know
        God, for God is love.” – 1 John 4:8

        So many repetitions in this Bible verse no matter what Bible you read it from Catholic or other version. still some form of repetition.

        This message your criticizing of MDM is from heaven and makes up the Book of Truth contents and its genuine and not fake.

          • The message is genuine. I have spoken to M.d.m herself last week. Please stop adding to the confusion that is out there.

          • Please stop spreading the deception. There are two possibilities with your commentary. 1) You thought that you talked to MDM, or 2) You are part of the deception.

            That fake messages is a lie and you are spreading lies.

          • hi again
            I don’t know what you think you know or who you think you know, but I know M.D.M. I know her very well, and for a long time.I knew her long before she ever got any messages. I have been involved in this mission from the beginning, and am one of the few with which she still keeps in regular contact. I have met her numerous times since this mission started. I was one of the first she told (outside her family )that she was receiving messages. I meet her every few months, and will be meeting her again next week.
            If there is anybody trying to spread deception here, it is certainly NOT me.

          • Dear James, I know more about this situation than you think I could.

            However, since you state that you keep in contact with MDM, then tell her this and ask her to post a reply on the official website:

            1) She is obligated in justice to make a public statement herself without the hearsay of third parties. When will this occur?
            2) What are her plans for going back “online” with God’s Prophetic Word: soon, a long time, never, etc?
            3) She can know who is requesting this by asking Our Lord or Our Lady and can so verify that this is no trivial or irrelevant request.

            If you post a reply yourself, then it is simply more hearsay. And I know for a fact that “staff” have interfered with communications in the past and more than once.

          • hi again, Yes , I will ask her to do something about this. l DO agree with you, because even l was not 100% sure if this was a genuine message until l asked her.
            With regard to the “official” site, l don’t think it will ever be back, because of all the thousands of attacks on it. As you may know there are more than 60 sites (and growing) have reproduced the messages.
            I know she cannot comment on the content of the messages, but l don’t think there should be a problem , just to confirm that it is ok, but l’m not sure, till l ask. I don’t usually call her, l wait till she calls me, because she spends a lot of time in prayer, adoration etc. So be patient. I will get back to you.

          • Yes, we are all waiting for the truth to come from the prophet directly. This is a very grave / serious matter. And certainly know, that as followers of MDM messages, we know the consequences of “dissing” God’s true prophetic word. Hence the posting pointing out the deception of the 6 May 2015 message is done with the gravest of discretion and maximum certainty. I pray that Maria returns immediately to continue her role for these times.

          • hi again . M.D.M called me this afternoon, and I passed on your request that she should clarify the situation about the last message. She said she would have to think about it to see what she could do. She said the same thing would happen with other messages she is to get in the future, that will have to be made public. (she gets a lot of private messages as well)

            She is to call me again in a few days.
            Best regards,

          • Thanks for the info.

            We all pray that she resolves the issue ASAP. Confusion, whether cause by action or inaction, is never from God.

            I am very well aware of how a seer gets many private messages versus public messages.

          • Hi again I spoke with M.D.M. last weekend, and she says that there is a new official website on the way that will have all the messages. This should put this debate about the message of May 6th to rest once and for all. The confusion was not caused by her to begin with, but by the people who took it on themselves to claim the message was fake, without contacting her.
            best regards,

          • One last thing l would like to add to my last message. I not ” staff ” . I’m simply a friend who has tried to help and support her.
            I have nothing whatsoever to do with the administration team, or l don’t know who they are, as l never asked. All my dealing have been directly with herself. I do know she has been let down ( big time ) by people she trusted in the past. I also know that Jesus given her very strict guidelines now, as to who she can meet, and what she can say.
            best regards,

  13. Blessed are those who hear the voice of Jesus Christ in their hearts in the May 6th message!!!

    May The Lord open the eyes of all those who deny it.

  14. I have contacted the admin team who directly assist Maria Divine Mercy, from the original the warning second coming website and the assured me that the message of May 6th 2015 IS NOT A FAKE. Our Lord has told us over and over in the messages that we are not to analyse them or argue over them, therefore, you need to post the message WITHOUT COMMENT. Please do this or you will be guilty of leading people away from the truth.

    God bless you and protect you from Satan’s influence

  15. Dear Believer, you have persisted in very vehemently stating that the Message of 6th may 2015 to Maria Divine Mercy from Jesus was fake, despite so many of us insisting that we had it on VERY good authority (Maria herself) that it was genuine. Now that this Message is included in Volume 5 of the Book of Truth, I think you need to remove all these misleading posts in order not to confuse the faithful.These Messages are our final preparations from Heaven for the Warning and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and souls are at stake. Please be gracious enough to admit your mistake. I will pray for you. God Bless you, Jan

    • I have it on Divine Authority that said message is fake, and neither was it ever officially published on the officially MDM site. I am sure that you are sincere, however mistaken. You will learn of this at the Warning for sure.

          • Maria can publish something official on a site run by her, and contact one particular person, whom she can know by checking with Jesus, on an extremely important topic that relates to the time when the Antichrist rules the earth, coming soon. I will hear about that through other channels, and that is the only third party that I will trust. I also know that prophets can be influenced, pressured or even corrupted by others (helpers) who may even change the published message.

          • Dear James,

            Here is a better explained situation that you can provide to MDM. Please provide this literally to her and do not interpret or modify.

            1. MDM can check with Jesus who is communicating with her through this message to verify authenticity of the request.
            2. I know that MDM is supposed to publically prophecy more – that is God’s Will.
            3. I know that MDM retreated through fear based on the attacks of the antichrist and his minions.
            4. MDM needs a public presence again, and I can help with a new independent website if needed, or maybe just use this one. Those details can be worked out.
            5. MDM should also know of specific support that she must provide to someone else – she can check with Jesus on that too. That is a make or break deal.
            6. MDM should verify that May 2016 message with another – she can check with Jesus who that is.
            7. MDM should also verify with Jesus that what I heard about the May 2016 message and its problems is from Jesus Himself.
            8. The time of the antichrist to appear is very soon, months not years.
            9. The time of fear must be ended, and the time to get back to work is here.
            10. MDM should use her own direct contact (email or contact form) for the above issues, and do not depend on any other helper. Again she can check with Jesus how to do so if necessary.

            Thank you for your help! God Bless.

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